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Measuring Cup

A measuring cup is a kitchen tool primarily used to measure the volume of an ingredient that is need for a recipe. A measuring cup can also serve as an alternative in the absence of a measuring scale. Plastic, glass or metal can be used to make a measuring cup. The most common capacity for a measuring cup is between 0.2 and 1 litre. Larger sizes are made for commercial use and for measuring liquid and dry ingredients. A measuring cup is a necessary part of the kitchen that is primarily used for the preparation of ingredients.

What are the uses of a measuring cup?

A measuring cup is used to measure ingredients that are solid, semi-liquid and liquid form. For a measuring cup, the measure is expressed in terms of ml, liter, fl oz and other liquid units. Other uses of a measuring cup are normal household tasks such as measuring washing powder and liquid detergents or bleach using separate plastic cups that are not being used for food.

Why is it necessary to use a measuring cup to prepare food for cooking?

To get the right mix and taste of food, there is a required amount of food ingredients to be used. In baking, there are exact amount of ingredients needed to make baked goodies have the right flavour, taste, texture and moisture. The use of a measuring cup is especially important in food establishments such as bakeries and restaurants.

In some special cases, there are medical requirements for healthy and health maintenance purposes, making the use of measuring cup all the more essential. Doctors require a specific or certain kind of diet for specific illnesses and diet-conscious clients.

Who commonly uses a measuring cup?

A measuring cup is a must for bakers and chefs. This will help them perfect a recipe. A measuring cup is also an essential instrument for doing household chores such as washing, cleaning and, more importantly, cooking.

A measuring cup being a basic necessity can be bought elsewhere. You can surf the Internet for your favourite measuring cup-- one that fits your own personal requirements as well as your needed recipe. For bakers, chefs and other shoppers who are more satisfied with the physical scrutiny of a measuring cup and other utensils, they will surely enjoy shopping in the kitchen section of malls and stores. The measuring cup for laundry detergents, liquids and other cleaning agents, however, usually come with the product being measured.

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